An activity program is designed for each holiday period and includes: life skills, academic (reading and math), mentoring, creative activities, critical thinking and problem solving, multimedia, community dialogue, sports, special events.

Our Approach:

The camp is “child-centred.” Content and activities focus on the children and are age appropriate.

  • Camp facilitators understand the importance that a caring adult relationship can have on children, and create an emotionally and physically safe environment. They build strong, appropriate relationships with the children, and serve as positive role models at the camp.
  • Activities are led by trained facilitators and include a reflective component aimed at helping children discover, understand, and generalize their learning.
  • The principles of experiential education—learning by doing. Children participate in developmental learning activities that are fun, challenging, age appropriate, focused, and engaging.

Quantitative and qualitative data are collected for each program to assess to what extent planned activities are actually realized, how well services are provided, and the level of learning and program success.