2012 Holiday Program

CAMP 1: Introduction of the Theme

2-6 April

Campers were taught the South African National Symbols and Heritage Sites. They related these to personal values and discussed their relevance, importance and impact in their lives. This Camp was an introduction to the annual theme, which will explore heritage and citizenry. It set the tone for the subsequent camps which will delve further and highlight some of the national heroes and sheroes.

CAMP 2: National and Local Heroes and Sheroes

25 June -13 July

Campers learned about some of our national heroes and heroines and how to do an oral history interview.  They identified their community ‘sheroes’ and heroes and are working on a short video, which will be shown by the end of the year.

CAMP 3 : Special Debate on Leadership

1-5 October

Education Africa and Camp I Am will host a Model United Nations Debating Competition in Orange Farm on Friday 5 October 2012. All high schools in Orange Farm are invited to participate in this exclusive event, which will form part of the Camp I Am school holiday program experience. Teams of four learners will represent each school.

About the Area:

Orange Farm is located about 42 kilometres south of the Johannesburg CBD. It is the most populous informal settlement in South Africa, with a population of more than 380,000 families and almost one million people living in informal and formal housing. Orange Farm is also one of Joburg’s most geographically isolated communities, and with no economic base of its own it depends on Joburg. The residents face several socio-economic challenges including poverty and high unemployment, lack of health facilities and access to resources.

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